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Surrounded by mountains and dramatic west coast beaches, Whanganui is best known for Te Awa o Whanganui – the Whanganui River. Outside the city, much of the land is rugged, hilly terrain surrounding the river valley, with a large proportion within the Whanganui National Park.

Our network includes the Rangitikei district. It stretches from Waverley in the west up to the Central Plateau in the north and down to Bulls in the south. The region is exposed to westerly sea winds on the coast and snowstorms in high country areas. Access to faults, especially following major weather incidents, is difficult and can result in lengthy outages for remote customers. 

This year, our focus has been on upgrading assets for growth in Whanganui and pole replacement in rural areas. We completed a reinforcement trial on 200 wooden poles in Whanganui, with the aim of extending the working life of these poles across our network. Sections of the network were used as trial sites because they have a lot of wooden poles. 

Our team installed new cables from our Hatrick’s Wharf substation to ensure it can withstand unpredictable weather conditions. This has also created more flexibility of power supply for our Taupo Quay substation, which means less disruption for more customers. 

We have been engaged with the community on a new underground cable between our Peat Street and Roberts Avenue substations, to increase security of power supply to Whanganui. Currently Powerco is working with stakeholders to determine the best route for the cable. Our aim is to reduce power outages for our customers, including the Whanganui CBD and the Aramoho industrial area.

Network projects completed

  • Whanganui pole reinforcement trial
  • Hatrick’s River crossing underground cable
  • Roberts Avenue to Peat Street 33kV circuit route consultation

Planned work

  • Roberts Avenue to Peat Street 33kV circuit
  • Taupo Quay substation 11kV line upgrade
  • Castlecliff substation 11kV line upgrade
  • Parapara feeder pole renewals
  • Mangaweka feeder reconductoring

Community engagement

  • Customer focus group and ADR Roadshow
  • Cemetery circuit race sponsorship
  • Tram signage sponsorship
  • Engagement with Ngā Tāngata Tiaki o Whanganui


Hunterville Upgrade
Pole Reinforcement Trial
Hatricks River Crossing
Roberts Ave To Peat St Project

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