Enhancing our network

We asked and you told us you wanted us to:

Support growth in our communities

We’re building new and upgraded assets so we can supply the increasing demand for electricity coming from population growth and more commercial and industrial activity

Ensure safe, secure and resilient networks

So, we’re investing in asset renewal, maintenance and vegetation management to improve our networks and their reliability

Enable your energy choices

We’re evolving our network to provide for new technologies like electric vehicles and solar generation, and respond to the challenges of the 3Ds digitalisation, decentralisation and decarbonisation

Want to know more about us?


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So how have we done?

Well it’s not all been plain sailing, but we have achieved a massive step up in what we have delivered compared to previous years.  To help bring it to life we have produced the ‘Delivering on our Promise’ booklet that provides an easy to read summary of CPP – Year One.

Delivering on our Promise

More information on the Delivering on our Promise document

The Numbers

More information on our numbers and figures

Powerco CPP Process

More information on our proposal to the Commerce Commission