New Connections


Powerco is investing $25 million to improve reliability and increase capacity of the power supply in the South Waikato. 

We’re building a new connection to the national grid with a 110kV circuit (made up of overhead lines and underground cables) from the Arapuni Power Station to supply a new transformer at the existing Powerco Putaruru substation. 

Currently this area is supplied by a single line between Transpower’s Karapiro and Hinuera substations. (Transpower owns and operates the national grid). When the line experiences a fault or is out for maintenance, power is lost to 11,500 customers across the Putaruru, Tirau and Matamata areas. 

Work has commenced to upgrade the Putaruru substation and construction of the circuit is due to start in 2022 once detailed design is completed. A new transformer will be installed at the upgraded substation. 

Once the new Powerco circuit and transformer are commissioned in 2023, this additional national grid connection will help ensure security of power supply for the area. 

Our Challenge

The Putaruru, Tirau and Matamata areas are supplied by a single Transpower line. When the line experiences a fault or is out for maintenance, there is loss of power to 11,500 customers in the area. 

Our Solution

Build a new circuit from Arapuni Power Station to the Powerco Putaruru substation, and upgrade the substation with a new building, transformer and new equipment. 

Once commissioned, if the existing Transpower line fails, supply will continue through the new Powerco circuit.  

What this Means

Construction of a new substation building at Putaruru to replace the old, ageing building is almost complete. 

Once the route for the new circuit between Arapuni and Putaruru is confirmed, and detailed design is completed, construction will begin in 2022. 

The upgraded Putaruru substation will also be home to a new transformer. 

The new circuit and transformer will be commissioned in 2023