We’re Increasing your Security


Whanganui – Roberts Ave to Peat St project

Our Challenge

Our Peat St substation is the most critical in Whanganui. It provides both residential and commercial customers with power supply via a single supply line.

If any issues occur on this supply line, both residential and commercial customers may face an hour or more of power outage, whilst power line repairs occur.

Our Solution

To construct a new 33kV cable link between Peat St and Roberts Ave substations.

This provides both substations with incoming power supply options, which increases the security of supply to the level required for efficient service of the Whanganui community.

If there is a transmission fault to the Peat St substation, power can be transferred between the two substations, preventing loss of supply to you, our customers.

The project is expected to be completed in 2021.

What this Means

  • It will mitigate the cost of electricity outages for the local community;  residential, CBD and Aramoho industrial area
  • It will increase security of electricity supply, providing for reliable power into the future for you – our residential and commercial customers